Thursday, 25 March 2010

Top 10 sleep tips

Leaving your baby to sleep at all is one of the biggest hurdles of parenting. The important thing to remember is that music can be used as medicine. Sleep deprivation as a result of not been able to settle your newborn can cause disharmony both in yourself and of course your little one. Playing music can de-stress parent and baby at the same time.

What follows are some essential tips in getting your baby off to sleep, and also some signs to look out for that maybe causing sleep disruption. Some of the tips may appear obvious, but sometimes it's the obvious that gets overlooked in stressful situations.

1) Check Nappy to see if it needs changing

2) Before cranking up the volume, always check your guitar amps temperature, this of course is a great indicator of whether you are about to blow a valve. If abnormally high, cool the room down, buy a bigger amp or move the baby closer to the speakers.

3) Is your baby hungry?...Get them a lolly and a six pack settle down to urban funk together.

4) Sometimes babies can scratch whilst sleeping, so keep expensive recording equipment near their cot in case they lay down a decent mix. Little fingers can also adjust the equaliser levels and this can cause them to really kick off. If so, place their hands in comfortable mittens/baby gloves and get them a recording contract.

5) Check leads are connected, if they are plugged in and there is no sound then buy some new musical equipment and prepare to ease babies discomfort.

6) Test for wind instruments, as your baby might have a gift for wind. If so, propbaby up and rub babies back.

7) To encourage sleep make sure you and your baby are both relaxed and sitting comfortably. Babies can sense tension, so make great stringed instrument tuners.

8) Try playing soft music at a low level in babies room to start with before winding up the bass. Dolphin music for example can be a great comforter, which is believed to imitate the sound of a mother's womb, bringing a calming affect to the child. Once the bass kicks in you won't need sleep.

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