Friday, 28 May 2010

Barbeques or barbeskews?

Now that my garden is finally looking lopped, trimmed and the lawn edged, it's time to think about what I should do to enjoy it whilst the British summer lasts. The annual spring gardening schedule is pretty much completed thanks to a run of good clear days, the plants are growing well and the bald patches in the lawn are coming back to life. Don't have the hose on and a dog tied up in the garden... The combination of mud and digging makes a real mess.
I have had several barbeques before. Using an old mazola oil drum and some chicken wire, I knocked up a massive barbeque on which you could roast a lamb or pig. Very tasty, BBQ lamb. I have also owned a more glamourously looking barbarque but made the mistake of painting it with hammerite to protect it from the weather. The food that came off that BBQ didn't taste as good, so I used it instead as the basis of a bonfire for small garden cuttings.
Anyway, I'm now considering gettig barbeque mark 3 and believe I've solved the problem of enjoying the garden and having a barby at the same time, the Barbeskew .
This little number looks cooking fantastic to me. It rotates the meat for you and ensures it gets evenly burnt on all sides :)
Hopefully it'll also cook other foods like peppers, but really I think it's a mans domain, roasting meat outdoors on a barbeque.