Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Patio garden sun loungers and recliners Tobin

Given the recent fantastic weather, I am tempted to slap on the sun tan lotion and sprawl out in the garden. Trouble is, I need to have something to sprawl on to enjoy the sunshine an flowers. Brief research shows that garden furniture is very complex for the buyer... Does anyone know the difference between a garden steamer, a garden sunlounger and a garden recliner
I certainly don't and this leaves me with a conundrum. What if I buy the wrong thing, perhaps I really want to steam in the garden and kit recline, or do I simply want to lounge about?
On the other hand, given the recent news about the Tobin murders, do I really want to lounge about on top of my patio, without first checking for bodies buried underneath?
The garden would be a lot less tranquil with groups of forensic detectives trooping through the garden looking for clues to how the previous owner fertilized his lawn with non standard gardening methods.